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Hey, I’m Ollie – founder of FIY Wedding. I filmed my first wedding video back in 2010. At the time I didn’t have much experience at all, but everything went smoothly and the video was a hit. Over the years I did others for friends and family, but never took it too seriously.

In 2012 I met my beautiful partner, Shona, and 9 years later in 2021 we were finally about to tie the knot! Alas, we were still in the middle of a global pandemic. Like many at the time, we had to postpone, but a year later, in 2022, we finally did get married. 

Having a video to remember the day by was an absolute must, and we had the idea to do something a little bit different.

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Can’t we film it ourselves?

“Can’t we film it ourselves?” I asked. Shona wasn’t impressed by the idea. But I pressed on…

For me, the most important thing about our wedding video was for it to be personal and unique to us. I wanted it to capture the essence of the day – so I figured what better way to do this, than to enlist the help of our friends and family?

FIY Wedding was born.

And so, we set about creating plans for our guests to film our wedding on their phones. We split the day up into distinct sections, and created a plan that detailed who would be responsible for filming what.

To our delight, the whole thing went perfectly. Once back from the honeymoon I sat down and edited the footage together and we were so happy with the end result.

Film Your Own Wedding

As I edited the footage together, I realised there was a business idea here. So in 2022, we set about creating it.

I realised that whilst lots of people would be keen to have a fun, unique and personal wedding video, not everyone wanted all the hassle of organising it. That’s why a big part of what we do, is take this pain away.

For example, our website allows you to assign up to 10 people to film the important parts of your day. Our system will then automatically send them dedicated guidance ahead of your wedding, and a link to collect their footage the day after.

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