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Hey, I’m Ollie – founder of FIY Wedding. I filmed my first wedding video back in 2010. At the time I didn’t have much experience at all, but everything went smoothly and the video was a hit. Over the years I did others for friends and family, but never took it too seriously.

In 2012 I met my beautiful partner, Shona, and 9 years later in 2021 we were finally about to tie the knot! Alas, the pandemic happened. A year later though, in 2022, we finally did get married. 

Having a video to remember the day by was an absolute must, however I was shocked to see what videographers charge… we’d be lucky to see any change from £2,000!

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Can’t we film it ourselves?

“Can’t we film it ourselves?” I asked. Shona wasn’t impressed by the idea. But I pressed on…

I’ve filmed a tonne of successful wedding videos myself, and I don’t believe my skills in videography are anything that special. Besides, for me, a wedding video just needs to capture the essence of the day. We weren’t going to need any fancy drone footage that make it look like a BBC drama.

FIY Wedding was born.

And so, we set about creating plans for our guests to film our wedding. We split the day up into distinct sections, and created a plan for who would be responsible for which bits.

To our delight, the whole thing went perfectly. Once back from the honeymoon I sat down and edited the footage together. You can see the end result for yourself here…

Film Your Own Wedding

As I edited the footage together I realised there was a solid business idea here. We send out the cameras, guests film the wedding… and I edit it together for them!

So for the 2023 season, we were open for bookings…

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Interested in filming your own wedding? Take a look at our packages to see which would suit you and get in touch to make a booking!