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Hey, I’m Ollie – founder of FIY Wedding. I filmed my first wedding video back in 2010. At the time I didn’t have much experience at all, but everything went smoothly and the video was a hit. Over the years I did others for friends and family, but never took it too seriously.

In 2012 I met my beautiful partner, Shona, and 9 years later in 2021 we were finally about to tie the knot! Alas, the pandemic happened. A year later though, in 2022, we finally did get married. 

Having a video to remember the day by was an absolute must, however I was shocked to see what videographers charge… we’d be lucky to see any change from £2,000!

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Can’t we film it ourselves?

“Can’t we film it ourselves?” I asked. Shona wasn’t impressed by the idea. But I pressed on…

For me, our wedding video didn’t need to be shot to a standard suitable for Netflix. We didn’t need drone footage and we didn’t need 4K – we just wanted a video that captured the essence of the day. Something to remember it by.

FIY Wedding was born.

And so, we set about creating plans for our guests to film our wedding on their phones. We split the day up into distinct sections, and created a plan for who would be responsible for which bits.

To our delight, the whole thing went perfectly. Once back from the honeymoon I sat down and edited the footage together and we were so happy with the end result.

Film Your Own Wedding

As I edited the footage together I realised there was a solid business idea here. Guests film the wedding on their phones… and I edit it together for them!

So for the 2023 season, we were open for bookings…

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Interested in filming your own wedding? Take a look at our packages to see which would suit you and get in touch to make a booking!

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